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First Man Still Standing

21st of January, 2010, Politics,

The recent calamitous spell of weather in which we experienced the great flood of November and the big chill of December is an ideal metaphor for the career of Brian Cowen as Taoiseach. On any given night in December, the elements battered us with wind, rain, sleet, snow and ice or in politics this was just another week in the life of our beleaguered Taoiseach. An earthquake on the scale of Haiti and a Tsunami seem the only misfortunes to escape his watch but then we are only nineteen months into his leadership and what on earth and in the heavens could happen between now and the General Election of 2012? For his sake and the country’s sake, we can only hope that in common with established weather patterns, there will be a political calm after the storm. For the complete article, click on the Continue Reading button below.

How the Mighty Hath Fallen

13th of January, 2010, Sport,

First Minister Peter Robinson and First Lady Iris Robinson is a unique couple in many ways; yet another expose of prurient events emanating from Belfast should be rightly regarded as trite and tedious. Now that this dead horse has been well and truly flogged it is worth focusing instead on how these childhood sweethearts from a tough working class loyalist housing estate in Belfast have managed to become amongst the most powerful and highest earning public representatives on these islands. In a political environment often dominated by the middle and predominately professional classes, this ascent from such modest surroundings to the top of the political tree is a phenomenal achievement and demonstrates the benefits of strategic thinking and a unity of purpose, traits that Peter Robinson is particularly well known for. Alas for him this emotionally defunct clarity of thought cannot be readily applied to affairs of the heart and a personal misdemeanour motivated more by lust than logic will surely be the Achilles Heel that costs him the coveted job of First Minister. For the complete article, click on the Continue Reading button below.

Shenanigans at Stormont

3rd of November, 2009, Politics,

The unrelenting Northern Ireland quarrel between Nationalist and Unionist continues. The latest spat over the devolution of policing and justice powers from Westminster to Stormont might seem petty to the outsider but to the politicians involved, it is a deadly serious issue that threatens to destabilize the entire power sharing government in Northern Ireland. Quite why this local squabble qualifies as an international event with the recent visit of US secretary of state Clinton is difficult to fathom. For the complete article, click on the Continue Reading button below.


Julian Conneely writes...
Interesting views on the northern situation John, your outward hostility towards Sinn Fein obviously masking a deep admiration for what they have achieved over the last 30 years...had you drink taken when you penned this?

John Quinn writes...
Not sure what it is Sinn Fein has achieved but I would be interested in hearing it. As far as I can determine, we still have Sunningdale for slow learners (inbuilt Unionist majority). Justice and peace haven't been devolved and there is no sign of a Truth Commission or an Irish language act.