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Morality Preached but not Practiced

12th of March, 2010, Features,

MORALITY is a set of standards of conduct that are generally accepted as right or proper. It is therefore, incredible that the chief custodian of the moral standard, the Catholic Church is still in denial in the aftermath of sexual abuse crimes perpetrated against children of the Dublin Archdiocese. Observing the Bishops, as recently as last Wednesday, in a press conference claiming that the church has been unfairly singled out for criticism is bizarre in the extreme. Other institutions to the Bishop's way of thinking, for example the family institution, are equally complicit but are escaping the same media and public wrath. Other aspects of the press conference were also disquieting. The Bishops claim that a voice for the victims was in some way a gift from the church is disingenuous at best. In reality, the victims had to confront and overcome the considerable intellectual and legal might that the church could and did throw at them before their voice could finally be heard. For the complete article, click on the Continue Reading button below.