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Beyond the Ridge Pool

26th of April, 2012, Sport,

The mere mention of the River Moy which straddles the counties of Mayo and Sligo in north-western Ireland will instinctively evoke images of the famous Ridge Pool sited as it is in the middle of the busy town of Ballina. If the madding crowd and expense of the Ridge Pool is not your preference, why not explore the miles of affordable and testing fly fishing on the outer stretches of the river?

The river terrain is remote, rugged and physically demanding, but you could be rewarded with that elusive springer or hardy grilse. Cloongee Fishery is one of the most productive of these fly waters and I decided to give it a try in early June of 2011. For the complete article, click on the Continue Reading button below.

If Only Life Imitated Art

6th of December, 2009, Sport,

A scratch handicap is the elusive Holy Grail for the majority of the world’s golfers. For Tiger Woods, the greatest golfer and highest earning sportsman in the world, the scratch or two he sustained in a recent domestic incident at his home in Florida not only tarnished his physical appearance but his obsessive desire for privacy could be fatally compromised. The symbiotic media relationship which celebrities cultivate to project a positive public image will in moments of vulnerability rebound and overwhelm even the most powerful of felines. Tiger, the most PR conscious athlete on earth has now become the victim of a media monster that he helped create but is no longer able to control. Hiding this week from a golf tournament that he himself promotes is further evidence if any were needed of this new humbling state of affairs. For the complete article, click on the Continue Reading button below.


Alan O'Donnell writes...
I'd just like to ask Tiger why that lovely Swedish girl with the generous bosoms did not twist his biscuit. And to point out one obvious fact - she has a twin sister....

John McDonough writes...
All the fuss over Tiger's three Birdies. He said he's on the straight and narrow now but I dont think he's out of the Woods yet...

John Quinn writes...
Yes and he can''t seem to recognise the wood from the trees if he prefers that nightclub floozy to Elin.

Life Cycle of the Atlantic Salmon

3rd of November, 2009, Sport,

The life of the Atlantic salmon is precarious, relatively short and characterised by an unremitting struggle to survive against predation. From the moment it hatches right through to adulthood, the salmon in order to develop has to run the gauntlet of fish eating aquatic creatures and marine dwelling predators including gulls, cormorants, pike, pollack, cod, sharks, seals and otters.

Having per chance reached adulthood and according to The Atlantic Salmon Trust 90% to 95% of salmon do not survive their first spawning. As a species survival strategy this seems fraught but perhaps the ostensibly indiscriminate slaughter of so many individuals is an indispensable price to pay for the endurance of the species as a whole. For the complete article, click on the Continue Reading button below.